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anna-marie + jeff |fauquier springs wedding

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing Anna-Marie and Jeff’s gorgeous wedding at Fauquier Springs Country Club right here in Warrenton.  It was such a fun evening!  Jeff and I actually went to high-school together, and I’ve loved getting to know Anna-Marie and seeing the two of them together.  They have such a sweet and comfortable love for one another.  They just laughed together all evening!  It was adorable.  I loved being there to capture it all!

We had to get some twirling in before the ceremony.

Anna-Marie, you’re gorgeous.  For real.

So cute!


Jeff was looking very handsome.

After the first dance, a major storm swept through town leaving Fauquier Springs without power.  Luckily, a generator was brought in and the fun continued all evening!

One more!

Jeff and Anna-Marie: Congratulations!  I had so much fun capturing your wedding day.  I hope that you’re enjoying your honeymoon!



5 responses to “anna-marie + jeff |fauquier springs wedding”

  1. Misty Rodda says:

    Kristen, you tell such a great story with your photos. I always feel like I catch the mood of the ceremony/reception just from the pictures! These are all so sweet. My favorites are the two of them sitting together!

  2. Lauren says:

    So gorgeous! The colors and flowers are amazing!!

  3. Jamie Payton says:

    Kristen!! Amazing as usual :)…thank you so much! I can’t wait for Jeff and Anna-Marie to see them! So beautiful!

  4. Jeff and Anna from St. Lucia says:

    As Anna and I are sitting in beautiful St lucia we wanted to say the pics are amazing and yes we are most certainly enjoying the honeymoon thanks for such a wonderful job you did. Anna says good luck with the baby

  5. Libbi says:

    They’re lovely!

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