april + may | at a glance

— About halfway through May, I realized that I never posted about April.  At that point, both months blended together, so I decided just to wait and do them together.  I guess I could also just blame it on pregnancy.  That’s my favorite thing to do these days.

— Maggie has started using the word “expensive” incorrectly in her daily conversations.  She just throws it in randomly, and I think it’s because she likes the way that it sounds.

— Maggie’s newest obsession is digging for worms.  She is hysterically afraid of bugs, but worms are fascinating to her.  Whenever she finds one, she loves to pick it up and show everyone.  I have to be honest:  It kind of grosses me out, but I always smile and act impressed.

— Caleb is learning new words all the time, but he usually shortens them to a one-syllable version.  For instance: Fe=Fish, Ba=Bath, Pa=Cup, Eah=Yeah, and Fa=Fan.  He also still calls me Na-Na, and I’ve decided to stop taking it personally.

— Caleb loves throwing things into the trashcan in our kitchen.  When I hear him walk in there, I can usually follow close behind and retrieve something out of the trash.  I’m sure there have been plenty of things that I’ve missed though, and it’s hard to really look for missing items these days because I keep thinking that they’re actually at the dump.  Unfortunately,  it also doesn’t stop at the trashcan… This was my favorite quote from the past month: “Mom?! Caleb is throwing things into the toilet.  Just FYI.”

— Tim and I are still discussing baby names and haven’t decided on one yet.  (Friends and family who have asked… I promise that I’m being honest!  We really haven’t decided. :) )

— Tim is almost done with his first year as an Assistant Principal!  I’m so proud of him.

— Maggie has started to put on “shows” at our house that involve her dancing around to a specific song and then ending with a dramatic pose and bow.  I realize that this doesn’t sound too different from the dancing that she’s always done, but I do love hearing her say that I need to sit down for her “performance”.  Caleb likes to join in as well.  His dancing consists of him spinning around with his tongue sticking out until he’s too dizzy to stand up.  The whole scene makes me smile so big!

— Strangers love to tell me that I have my hands full when I’m out in public with my kids.  People have also started asking me if the baby is due in a few days.  Seriously? If you’ve never been pregnant, here’s some advice:  Never ask a pregnant woman if she’s about to have her baby.  And if she happens to tell you when she’s due, immediately tell her that you think she looks great.  I don’t care if she hasn’t showered in five days.   Just trust me.  :)

Thanks for reading!  I still have several amazing photos to share before I go on maternity leave, so check back again soon!


6 responses to “april + may | at a glance”

  1. Nicole Galvydis says:

    You KNOW that I will benefit from the “What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman” advice. I need all the help I can get!

  2. courtney says:

    I love maggie and caleb. Just FYI. :)

  3. Karen G says:

    Love hearing about the new things in your life. p.s., you look great!

  4. ali says:

    i laughed out loud multiple times at this post. “caleb still calls me na-na and i’ve decided to stop taking it personally.” “mom?! caleb is throwing things into the toilet. just FYI.” freaking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Katie Smith says:

    Kristen.. i missed this post! I love your Maggie quotes and hope you will continue this will all your children. It’s so entertaining! hope your feeling great!

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