baby micah | nine-months

I am spending my morning getting everything ready for a wedding later today (Congratulations Nicki and Rudy!). But before I go, I couldn’t help but share some photos of Micah that I captured earlier this week. Our littlest love is nine-months-old! He has two adorable teeth and is SO READY to start crawling. He is such a sweet little soul, and I can’t imagine our family without him.

I took these photos when Tim was still at work, so I convinced Maggie and Caleb to help me by promising ice cream. I am not ashamed. (They thought the ice cream was worth it!)

New favorite. I love how Caleb’s is holding onto Micah’s ear! He actually does this to Tim and me too.

And because I never posted it, here are some of our family photos captured on Instagram last month:

Happy Weekend! :)


5 responses to “baby micah | nine-months”

  1. Sara Gahan says:

    Could. Not. Love. Your. Family. More.

  2. Karen G says:

    Love these. You made my day! Sweet Micah is too cute. xo

  3. Abbey R says:

    They are beautiful! Micah is becoming bigger. Congratulations, you have children GORGEOUS! If you can, please send me a friend request on facebook.
    Thank you.

  4. shannon says:

    ahhh! so precious! Caleb is such a delight! I cannot wait to squeeze him! (any richmond trips in your future? play this summer?) and i love that quilt, too. your kids are adorable! xoxo to all y’all!

  5. Kate Wells says:

    Amazing shots as usual, Kristen!!

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