baby micah | three-months

Baby Micah is three-months-old! These past few months have passed fairly quickly, but I also feel like Micah has been a part of our family forever. He has such a sweet little spirit… He loves to smile and laugh, and he is so happy when gets attention from Maggie and Caleb. It also looks like he understands what he needs to do as the youngest of three… He’ll babble and make noises long enough to grab anyone’s attention! I love it.

I’m so glad that I was able to capture him at this age. He consistently gives me these sweet and wise-looking facial expressions, and I am so happy that I caught that in these images. And now that I’ve used this chair for these photos and his newborn photos, I think I’m going to keep using it throughout his first year. It’s crazy to see how much he’s grown already!

sweet brothers.

one more… a new favorite, for sure!

Caleb turns TWO on Sunday, so stay tuned for one more special birthday post next week!


6 responses to “baby micah | three-months”

  1. Shey says:

    I see Parker in him. So sweet.

  2. Kristen says:

    I love these! Such sweet, beautiful kids. We can’t wait to see you all next week. xoxo

  3. Lauren says:

    Ohmygosh, that last picture needs to be printed and framed on the wall in the Gardner household :) :) Dying from the cuteness…

  4. Karen G says:

    Love the update and these sweet kids. See you soon. xo

  5. Kiana Hagans says:

    Kristen these are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You’re babies are the sweetest!!! :)

  6. OH, i just LOVE these. The last one is so dear. I love how #3 has an instant audience and is automatically surrounded by love from the older two. So sweet. Y’all be in touch if you come down here to play over the holidays–you know I cannot wait to get my hands on Mr. Caleb! And Anna will enjoy the “ba-bee” too :) xoxo

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