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You know how much I adore rainy wedding days! Julie and Davis’ wedding fell on one of the few days in my memory that rained non-stop without a break all day long. And it was so much fun to celebrate with these two because the weather didn’t change a single part of our plan! We captured so many lovely images outside of both the ceremony and reception, and these two even braved the rainy streets of Old Town Alexandria for some of my favorite wedding portraits to date. It was amazing!

From the first moment that I met both Julie and Davis, I knew that their wedding day was going to be amazing. They are both incredibly sweet and laid back, and they interact easily in front of the camera. While the weather could have brought with it a great deal of stress and frustration, Julie and Davis were both just excited to get MARRIED. They were full of love and joy all day long, and that came through in all the photos! You can’t predict or control the weather, but you always have the choice to let go and enjoy your wedding day. It makes me so happy when couples are able to do just that! Julie and Davis’s amazing celebration could not have been more fun!

Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_002 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_003 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_004 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_005 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_006 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_007 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_008 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_009 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_010

Julie, you were such a stunning bride!

Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_011 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_012 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_013 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_014 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_015 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_016 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_017

Davis, you were looking pretty handsome too. :)

Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_018 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_019 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_020 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_021 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_022 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_023 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_024 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_025 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_026 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_027 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_028


Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_029 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_030 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_031 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_032 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_033

You guys. I was being serious about the rain– it never stopped! I can’t tell you how excited I was when these two decided to brave the streets of Alexandria for a few photos. We were probably outside for less than five minutes, but that was plenty of time to grab some of my favorite rainy day portraits!

Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_034 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_035 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_036

Belle Haven looks lovely regardless of the weather. I think the rain made the inside look even more cozy!

Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_037 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_038 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_039 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_040 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_041 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_042 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_043 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_044 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_045 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_046 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_047 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_048

It’s hard to describe how incredible this cake was by Fluffy Thoughts. I have never seen anything like it! It was definitely a crowd pleaser!

Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_049 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_050 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_051 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_052 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_053 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_054 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_055 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_056 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_057 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_058 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_059 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_060 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_061 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_062 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_063 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_064 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_065 Julie_Davis_Alexandria_Wedding_Blog_066

Last one…


Julie and Davis– Congratulations! Your wedding day was only the beginning of this incredible adventure! I couldn’t be happier for you both.

Church | Holy Trinity Church

Reception Venue | Belle Haven Country Club

Coordinator | Joanna Dee Weddings

Flowers | Growing Wild Floral

Hair + Makeup | Alison Harper & Co.

Dress | Pronovias from Becker’s Bridal

Wedding Cake | Connie’s Cake Creations

Groom’s Cake | Fluffy Thoughts 

Band | Klaxton Brown

Second Photographer | Susan Seidel


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