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Korine and Chris’s wedding day was nothing short of amazing! I loved getting to know these two and celebrating alongside their dearest family and friends. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day. Rain was in the forecast, but somehow it held off at all the right times. It was absolutely incredible!

I can’t say enough about Korine and Chris. They are both incredibly kind and generous, and it was such an honor and privilege to capture their wedding day. The love that they have for one another is just beautiful, and it was so fun to see the way that they cared for one another throughout the day. The whole celebration could not have been more beautiful.

I started my day with Korine and her sweet bridesmaids, and her classic details really set the stage for all the gorgeousness that was to come…

Korine_Chris_blog_002 Korine_Chris_blog_003 Korine_Chris_blog_004 Korine_Chris_blog_005 Korine_Chris_blog_006 Korine_Chris_blog_007 Korine_Chris_blog_008 Korine_Chris_blog_009

Korine was such a gorgeous and classic bride!

Korine_Chris_blog_010 Korine_Chris_blog_011 Korine_Chris_blog_012 Korine_Chris_blog_013 Korine_Chris_blog_014 Korine_Chris_blog_015

I love the historic beauty of Christ Church.

Korine_Chris_blog_016 Korine_Chris_blog_018 Korine_Chris_blog_019 Korine_Chris_blog_020 Korine_Chris_blog_021 Korine_Chris_blog_022 Korine_Chris_blog_023 Korine_Chris_blog_024 Korine_Chris_blog_025 Korine_Chris_blog_026 Korine_Chris_blog_027 Korine_Chris_blog_028 Korine_Chris_blog_029 Korine_Chris_blog_031 Korine_Chris_blog_032 Korine_Chris_blog_033 Korine_Chris_blog_034 Korine_Chris_blog_035 Korine_Chris_blog_036 Korine_Chris_blog_037 Korine_Chris_blog_038 Korine_Chris_blog_039 Korine_Chris_blog_040



There was a storm brewing when we arrived at Belle Haven, but the sky was just gorgeous!

Korine_Chris_blog_043 Korine_Chris_blog_017 Korine_Chris_blog_044 Korine_Chris_blog_045 Korine_Chris_blog_046 Korine_Chris_blog_047 Korine_Chris_blog_048

After a brief and intense storm, the clouds parted for the most gorgeous sunset!

Korine_Chris_blog_049 Korine_Chris_blog_050 Korine_Chris_blog_051 Korine_Chris_blog_052 Korine_Chris_blog_053 Korine_Chris_blog_054 Korine_Chris_blog_055 Korine_Chris_blog_056 Korine_Chris_blog_059 Korine_Chris_blog_060 Korine_Chris_blog_061 Korine_Chris_blog_062 Korine_Chris_blog_063 Korine_Chris_blog_064 Korine_Chris_blog_065 Korine_Chris_blog_066 Korine_Chris_blog_067 Korine_Chris_blog_068 Korine_Chris_blog_069 Korine_Chris_blog_070

Korine and Chris– Thank you so much for inviting me to capture your wedding day! What an amazing celebration!! XO

Church | Christ Church

Venue | Belle Haven Country Club

Wedding Coordinator | Lee Van Buiten with Savoir-Faire

Flowers | Wisteria

Hair + Makeup | Gabby and Martha

Dessert | Bakeshop

Band | The Winn Brothers


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