best of 2014 | moments + details

One of my favorite things to do at the end of each year is put together a few blog posts of my favorite images. I worked with so many AMAZING couples and vendors in 2014, and this time of year leaves me full of so much gratitude! It feels close to impossible for me to include all of my favorites in just one post, so I am going to start with my favorite moments and details. I know this selection would probably look slightly different on any given day, but these are the images that really jumped out at me this evening. Happy New Year!

details_blog_001   details_blog_002   details_blog_003   details_blog_004   details_blog_005   details_blog_006   details_blog_007   details_blog_008   details_blog_009   details_blog_010   details_blog_011   details_blog_012   details_blog_013   details_blog_014   details_blog_015   details_blog_016   details_blog_017   details_blog_018   details_blog_019   details_blog_020   details_blog_021   details_blog_022   details_blog_023   details_blog_024   details_blog_025   details_blog_026   blog__04   blog__08   details_blog_027   details_blog_028   details_blog_029   details_blog_030   details_blog_031   details_blog_032   details_blog_033   details_blog_034   details_blog_035   details_blog_036   details_blog_037   details_blog_038   details_blog_039

Stay tuned for some of my favorite portraits of 2014!



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2 responses to “best of 2014 | moments + details”

  1. KarenG says:

    Gorgeous, Kris! Love seeing these beautiful images again.

  2. Andrea says:

    Seeing these photos gets me even more excited for May! :)

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