Capon Springs | Meghan + Eliot


Meghan and Eliot have the kind of energy that can light up an entire room. They are both smart and funny, and on their wedding day, their joy and laughter was so much fun to photograph! Family and friends gathered for the entire weekend, and the excitement and energy was just incredible.

I love that Meghan and Eliot chose to host their wedding weekend at Capon Springs. Meghan has been vacationing at the resort since she was a child, and it was so special for the two of them to get married there! You can’t visit Capon without falling in love with the gorgeous property and family vibe. The setting honored Meghan and Eliot’s devotion to their family and friends, and I had such a wonderful time photographing the celebration!

Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0002 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0003 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0004 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0005 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0006 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0007 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0008 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0009 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0010 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0011 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0012

It rained off and on all day, and the porch was the perfect spot for their first look! I could have photographed these two all day long.

Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0013 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0014 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0015 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0016 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0017 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0018 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0019 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0020 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0021 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0022

Meghan, you’re gorgeous!

Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0025 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0026 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0027 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0028

It rained quite a bit before the ceremony, but it somehow stopped just in time!

Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0029 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0030 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0031 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0032 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0033 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0034 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0035 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0036 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0037

Married! Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0038 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0039 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0040 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0041 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0042 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0043 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0044 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0045 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0046 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0047 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0048 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0049 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0050 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0051 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0053 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0054 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0055 Meghan_Eliot_Wedding_Blog_0056

Meghan and Eliot– Congratulations! I loved celebrating with both of you, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Venue | Capon Springs

Flowers | Creations Galore

DJ | Brian Jones with My DeeJay 

Makeup | Isabel Duarte

Hair | Total Babe Hair

Second Photographer | Susan Seidel


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