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I loved getting to know Chloe and Troy last year, and it was such a treat to photograph their classic DC wedding! These two make such a sweet pair, and their love for one another is so special. When we met earlier in the year for their engagement session, Chloe shared with me their incredible date night idea. At the beginning of each new year, they write down twelve things (big and small) that they’d like to do together. And every month they pull one idea out of a jar and have to make it a date before the month is over! It’s the sweetest idea, and it helped these two stay connected during the year that they were engaged. I feel like everyone should do this when they’re planning a wedding!

On their wedding day, Chloe and Troy chose details that really made the day fun and special for their guests. With both the ceremony and reception, they were able to highlight the beauty of the city, and Chloe surprised everyone by inviting the Racing Presidents to join in on the dancing! Every detail was just beautiful, and it was so much fun to capture their day…

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Chloe and Troy– I loved reliving your incredible wedding day!! Thank you so much for inviting me to capture it. <3

Event Design + Coordination | Roberts & Co. Events

Church | Holy Rosary Church

Reception | Carnegie Institution for Science

Stationary | The Dandelion Patch

Wedding Cake | Buttercream Bakeshop

Rentals | Select Event Group

Linens + Rentals | White Glove Rentals

Hair | Jewel Hair Design

Makeup | Blend Makeup Artistry

DJ | Dan Goldman

Wedding Dress | BHLDN

Wedding Dress | Jenny Yoo

Shoes | Kate Spade

Flowers | Sweet Root Village

Catering | Purple Onion Catering





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