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chelsea + eric | alexandria engagement



Cheslea and Eric first met when Eric lost a bet over dinner, and he was forced to get a haircut at the salon across the street. And even though Chelsea doesn’t usually cut men’s hair, someone put him on her book. Doesn’t this seriously sound like the plot of a romantic comedy? When they told me the story, Eric laughed and said that for six months he kept going back to get his hair cut even though it was completely out of his way! After six months of those meetings, they finally went on their first date. And the rest is history!

A little over a week ago, I met Chelsea and Eric in Old Town Alexandria for an incredible engagement session. We had actually planned to meet the week before, but the rain forced us to reschedule. And I’m so thankful that we did because we met on such a perfect evening! I had a wonderful time exploring the city and getting to know these two. It was so fun to chat about their wedding day, and I know it is going to be a blast! Chelsea and Eric are so laid back and fun to be around. And their sweet dog Bruce made an appearance during our shoot too, and he couldn’t be cuter! It was hard to narrow them down, but here are just a handful of my favorites from our session…

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At the beginning of our shoot, Chelsea and Eric mentioned a spot in the city that they wanted to use if we had time. We didn’t make it a real priority, but when we finally arrived at the old train-track-turned-bike-path, I might have started jumping up and down. How perfect is this spot?! I could have stayed their all day.



Chelsea, you’re gorgeous! Photographing you in a wedding dress is going to be a dream.

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Last one…


Chelsea and Eric: Thank you so much for the amazing session! I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys in November!



4 responses to “chelsea + eric | alexandria engagement”

  1. Lisa Romero says:

    Soooo gorgeous! Can’t wait!

  2. KarenG says:

    Love these! They are so photogenic and the setting is gorgeous.

    • Sandra ODonnell says:

      My beauitiful granddaughter and her very handsome husband to be The photos are the greatest they surely show the love you two have for each other. I couldn’t be happier for you.

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