Cherry Blossom Engagement | Lauren + David


Nothing beats the cherry blossoms at sunrise. I loved meeting Lauren and David (and their adorable dog, Bo!) for a sweet engagement session last week! These two have had to make some adjustments to their wedding plans, but I know that their wedding next fall is going to be just perfect. It was so fun to explore DC in the early morning with these two! I can’t wait to celebrate with them soon.

Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_02 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_03 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_04 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_05 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_06 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_07 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_08 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_09 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_10 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_11 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_12 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_13 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_14 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_15 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_16 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_17 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_18 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_19 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_20 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_21 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_22 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_23 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_24 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_25 Cherry_Blossom_DC_Engagement_26

Lauren and David– thank you so much for the fun session! Can’t wait to see you soon!!


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