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Meghan and Mick’s lovely wedding was my last of 2020– and it was amazing in every way. As we neared their wedding day (and restrictions in DC continued to unfold) Meghan and Mick decided that they would move forward with their ceremony, but it became clear that they were going to have to postpone their intimate reception altogether. It was disappointing, but these two decided to focus on the joy– and their day was full of so much of it!

They moved forward with their beautiful ceremony at St. Aloysius church and traveled with their wedding party to Union Station for portraits after the wedding. (And I loved having all the time in the world to take photos!) It was such a beautiful celebration of their love, and I truly felt honored to capture all of the excitement and joy that surrounded these two amazing people on their wedding day.

Meghan_Mick_Wedding_002 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_003 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_004 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_005 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_006 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_007 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_008 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_009 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_010 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_011

Loved this sweet first look.

Meghan_Mick_Wedding_012 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_013 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_016 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_014 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_015 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_018 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_019 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_020

Since Mick went to Gonzaga, St. Aloysius was the perfect place for their ceremony. And lucky for us, it’s one of the loveliest churches in DC!

Meghan_Mick_Wedding_021 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_022 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_023 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_024 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_025 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_026


2020-12-18_0065 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_028 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_029 2020-12-18_0066 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_030 2020-12-18_0069 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_033 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_032 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_035 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_036

Meghan, you are such a beauty.

Meghan_Mick_Wedding_037 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_038 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_039

Meghan was surrounded by the sweetest and loveliest group of bridesmaids!

Meghan_Mick_Wedding_040 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_041

Mick was looking so handsome too!

Meghan_Mick_Wedding_042 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_043 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_044 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_045 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_046 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_047 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_048 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_050 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_051

One of the sweetest moments of the day happened right before I left…  “At Last” (by Etta James) was playing when we walked back to the hotel, and these two got their first dance after all.

Meghan_Mick_Wedding_052 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_053 Meghan_Mick_Wedding_054b

Meghan and Mick– Congratulations! Your wedding day was beautiful and so meaningful to photograph. I wish you ALL the love and laughter in 2021!!

Hotel | The Willard Intercontinental

Hair + Makeup | Amie Decker Beauty

Ceremony | St. Aloysius

Videographer | Rivion Films

Second Shooter | Susan Seidel


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