february | at a glance

— My obsession with Instagram continued, but I did pick up my 5D a few times as well last month. I missed the old girl!

— Caleb is obsessed (OBSESSED) with drums. He’s already broken three sets (one of which belonged to our friends… so sorry, Jack and Ford!) so we put together a stronger set that consists of three hard plastic chairs. He bangs on those things all the livelong day… I’m just hoping that his band will one day support Tim and me.

— Along with the drums, Caleb is really into all types of music and instruments. He has his own guitar that he calls “Myguitar” but when he wants someone to play Tim’s guitar, her refers to it as “Daddy’s Myguitar”.

— Micah is getting so big! I know I sound repetitive, but he’s such a joyful baby. I can’t get over how easily he smiles for others and how content he is to sit and observe the world around him. He’s such a sweet little soul. If only he would consistently sleep through the night… I guess we can’t have everything.

— I celebrated one of my dearest friends this month with brunch at Claire’s at the Depot. This is one of my favorite restaurants of all time. If you are from Warrenton, you NEED to check out their brunch, and if you’re not from Warrenton it would be worth the visit!

— All winter long I’ve been quietly working on a really fun project with Annabel Wrigley (owner of Little Pincusion Studio) who has been featured on my blog a couple times already. Annabel has asked me to take photos for a most amazing project that she’s working on, and I CAN’T WAIT to share the finished product! It’s just not quite ready to be published on this little ol’ blog, but I promise to share more once I’m able to.

— Speaking of Annabel, not only does she have an inspiring¬†blog that you should absolutely check out (if you haven’t already), but creativity definitely runs in her family. I found out last month that her daughter Ruby also has a blog. Ruby is ten, and she writes the sweetest posts about all her latest crafting adventures. You should check it out; it’s just adorable.

— Maggie had her first Valentine’s Day school party this year, and it was so much fun to prepare for it! (In fact, the entire month of February was spilling over with holiday crafts, and I loved indulging in all those afternoons of paint and mod podge.) But making her class Valentines was especially fun for Maggie. She carefully wrote her name at the bottom of each card, and I could tell that she was so proud.

— My sweet, dear, amazingly talented, beautiful, kind, funny, and sweet friend Lauren VOLUNTEERED to come watch all three of our kids last months so that Tim and I could go out on a date. Seriously? She’s the best.

Thanks for reading! Wedding season kicks off this month, so check back soon for my first wedding of 2012!


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  1. Shey says:

    feel so special to make the list :) Love you friend!

  2. Karen G says:

    I love this post and the sweet pictures. Love Caleb’s expression while he’s drumming — very intense. :)

  3. Abby Miller says:

    sweet pictures!
    Hey Kristen, how do I find your Instagram and follow you?

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