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Ever since I started my one roll project, I have continued to shoot film, and I’m really loving it! The photos are often random, but I want to occasionally share what I’m shooting. I’ve slowly started shooting film at weddings as well, but I usually blog weddings right away and now have a handful of fun film images that I’d really love to post! So, I’ve decided to start “Film Friday”. Every week I’ll post at least one recent film image. And that’s all! No big deal, really. I’m just excited to start sharing!

Today is going to be a bit of a bonus because my niece Tessa just arrived a few weeks ago, and I had the pleasure of capturing some lifestyle photos of her with her family when she was only five-days-old. What a sweetheart! I’m definitely not ready to start shooting portraits again (and BOY do I have a great respect for newborn photographers!) but I will say that shooting my family on film was just delightful, and I love these images! blog1



This might be my favorite from the day. I love it so much!



My very first roll of Ilford 3200. I didn’t realize that it makes three-year-olds look like teenagers. :)







blog10   blog12


Welcome to the world, baby Tessa! You are certainly well loved.

** Do you LOVE Tessa’s diaper cover as much as I do?! You can check out more here: Shey Marie Designs. Prepare yourself for cuteness overload. **



5 responses to “film friday | baby tessa”

  1. emma says:

    i love those last film shots! i didn’t realize i missed suki’s 16th birthday party…

    tessa is so sweet!

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  3. ali says:

    how unbelievably precious! i don’t know how i missed these when you posted but i am in love!

  4. Katie Smith says:

    I missed this post also and I can’t stop looking at them. You are an inspiration Kris.. but you already to know that ;)- The very last photo of your brother and Tessa.. dying.

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