first flight.


A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to The Balloon Festival at The Flying Circus Airshow to watch the first balloon launch. My brother-in-law’s family runs the Flying Circus Airshow, and the Balloon Festival has always been one of my favorite weekends! It’s pretty special to watch them launch on Friday night, and this year the weather was incredible and the launch happened right around sunset. Just. Gorgeous.

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This year was even more amazing because one of the pilots offered to take Maggie and me up in a Biplane. Seriously! In retrospect, I’m glad that the possibility was not even on my radar. Because he offered, and my brother-in-law encouraged us to go, and before I had time to think about it, we were sitting in the plane at take off!



The whole experience was absolutely incredible. We were flying around the balloons, and Maggie was smiling SO BIG. I couldn’t get over how brave she was. (I mean, the cockpit was completely open!) But she loved it. And after the first five minutes (when I was finally able to relax) I pulled my camera up and was able to take a roll of film. I’m so thankful for those photos.

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Maggie started Kindergarten three days later. I wish every major milestone could start the way that this one did.



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  1. KarenG says:

    Love these pics. This will be such a special memory for you and Maggie.. Glad you were able to take some pics from the cockpit!

  2. Sara Gahan says:


  3. […] couple months ago, I posted some photos from the Balloon Festival centering around Maggie’s first trip in an airplane! These are some of the images taken from the ground. It was much easier to shoot the balloons […]

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