For the past few years, I’ve slid very comfortably into the holiday season and taken one giant deep breathe. The end of wedding season is usually a great kick off to the holidays, and this year was no different. For the past few weeks, I’ve taken a break from a lot of things… I’ve only pulled out my camera a few times, I’ve been a little slow to check my email, and in many ways, I’ve taken a break from social media. I just needed some space… to breathe in the fresh winter air and enjoy the little people that really wanted all my undivided attention. And it was just lovely. I really enjoy the anticipation that comes along with the new year… the automatic clean slate that it provides, and the way that it encourages me to start fresh and make things new. I need that. But I’m also so thankful for the year that we’re leaving behind. It makes me smile to think back on our family’s milestones (Micah is no longer a BABY!) and to see how my business has continued to grow and change into something even better than it was a year ago.

I actually have a mirror in my office at home, and at the beginning of 2012, I wrote the following things in dry-erase marker across the front: 1. workflow | 2. film | 3. reception lighting. Each bullet was a reminder of the bigger business goals that I wanted to achieve this year. I wanted to completely revamp my workflow, experiment more with film photography, and dramatically improve my reception lighting. And on the very last day of 2012 I am so happy to erase those goals and to leave space for something brand new.  It’s not that those goals can be completely checked off… I think they each have a place, but their importance is much different this year. And so, I’m happy to start fresh… Wedding season begins again for me in just a few short weeks!

Even more than the contentment that I feel with regard to my business, I am so thankful and encouraged by the way that my current work schedule serves my family. It was really hard to say goodbye to portrait photography. And sometimes (ok, most of the time) I have to say no to networking events. But I was able to visit Maggie’s preschool for every important event this past year. I’ve watched Micah slowly grow into a toddler, and I’ve been around to watch Caleb’s rock concerts in the basement. I’ve started spending a little time during the week at my town office so that less time is spent in my home office when the kiddos are awake… The changes have been GOOD. I feel refreshed and thankful. My schedule is certainly unconventional (and sometimes I wish that evenings could be more about relaxing and less about editing and emails) but somehow it also really works. So this year, my biggest goal is to continue searching for balance.

For the past few months, I didn’t get around to posting monthly personal posts on this little ol’ blog. That’s ok. I’m just going to let it go. We’re starting fresh, people! In the meantime, here are just a few quick tidbits and some photos that make me happy. Last year, I photographed an INCREDIBLE wedding on New Year’s Eve. It was amazing. This year, I’m going to spend my time here with the people that I love. My heart feels happy.

This month…

— I took Maggie to see the Nutcracker ballet for the very first time, and I will never forget the way that she stared in awe of the ballerinas and watched intently as the story unfolded onstage. She danced in the aisle with her friends during intermission and talked about the story on our entire drive back. I do believe that we’ve started a new girls’ tradition.

— On Christmas morning, when the kids came downstairs to see their gifts from Santa, they were all excited. Maggie started talking loudly and pointing everything out to her brothers. Micah just smiled and squealed, playing off the energy in the room. But Caleb? He looked around and started beat-boxing under his breathe. Because that’s what he does when he’s really excited.

— Micah is talking. He’s in serious communication mode, and Tim and I often end the day in awe of the ways that he’s growing and changing so quickly. I would be lying if I said that it didn’t make me sad to see my baby grow up. It does make me a little sad… but I also love seeing him grow into a little person, and he looks so cute walking around with his siblings!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I look forward to sharing some seriously gorgeous events in 2013!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This week, I’ll be posting some of my favorite wedding images from 2012. Can’t wait to share those with you!


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