Hello World!

Welcome to the world, Micah Christopher Gardner!

August 9, 2011 | 5:02 p.m. | 7 lbs 7 oz | 19.25 inches

Baby Micah is doing great, and Maggie and Caleb have loved welcoming their baby brother home!  I grabbed a few photos of Micah yesterday when he was exactly one-week old.  That was the quickest (and possibly most hazy) week of my life!  More photos of baby Micah and family to come…



27 responses to “Hello World!”

  1. Trish Manwaring says:

    Congrats! He is gorgeous. Hope you all are doing well.

  2. Lacette Price says:

    He is so amazing! Congratulations, we are so very happy for you. We just found out on Sunday that we are having another girl. Seeing your beautiful baby makes me so excited for the months to come.

  3. Sara Gahan says:

    He is beautiful, Kris. I am so, so, so happy for you!!

  4. Tory Jones says:

    Congrats!!! he is precious :)

  5. ali says:

    oh my gosh kristen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is perfect. beyond happy for all of you. sending so much love and light your way.

  6. Courtney says:

    oh my gosh. he is beyond amazing! I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!!! xoxo

  7. Courtney says:

    He is beautiful, congratulations Gardner family! :)

  8. Kellie says:

    Kristen, congratulations! He is so handsome. You are an amazing photographer and mother.

  9. Lindsay Ingram says:

    He is beautiful! Nice coloring and such a sweet face! You and Tim did another fabulous job!

  10. Trina Jones says:

    So glad to meet Micah! Love and rest and joy to you all!

  11. Lauren says:

    Precious, precious baby boy!! Congrats guys – can’t wait to meet the newest little guy!!

  12. christine henderson says:

    he’s perfect! congratulations!

  13. Amy Martin says:

    Congrats!!! He is perfection!

  14. Karen G says:

    Beautiful boy. Love the pics, Kris. Glad you had a chance to get the camera out.

  15. Kathy Winkler says:

    what a sweet sweet baby, so very happy for all of you….good job Kristen.. :-)

  16. Kerri D says:

    How can you get any better? A beautiful, beautiful baby and a fantastic color combination. Nice job with the set-up! Congrats and best wishes!

  17. Kiana Hagans says:

    Kristen, he is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations to you and your family!!!!! :)

  18. Shannon Crall says:

    He is absolutely precious! Sending lots of live to you and your family! Congrats :) love, The Crall’s

  19. Katie Smith says:

    just beautiful. congrats to all of you!

  20. Tiffany Campbell says:

    Oh my he is beautiful!!! (I also love the chair. Where did you get it? haha)

  21. Caroline says:

    Congratulations- he is beautiful! The pictures are so sweet… Enjoy this time with your wonderful family!

  22. kristen says:

    Thank you so much for the well-wishes, friends! We are so in love with our little man! :)

  23. shannon says:

    kris, I ADORE HIM. oh, what a precious boy! enjoy life with your three little loves–i know it is just so FULL right now! xoxo to y’all!

  24. Beth Costello says:

    Kristen, congratulations to you and your family on Micah’s arrival!! He is just perfect! :o)

  25. […] that I can that in these images. And now that I’ve used this chair for these photos and his newborn photos, I think I’m going to keep using it throughout his first year. It’s crazy to see how […]

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