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— On a quick side note: Micah turned one (ONE!) yesterday!! We’ve been having fun celebrating our little guy, and I look forward to updating with some special birthday photos of him next week.

— For the past nine years, Tim and I have joined his family for a week each summer at Smith Mountain Lake. This summer marked our first year with three kids, and we had such an amazing time! Most parents will tell you that family vacations aren’t very relaxing, but this one was definitely a whole lot of fun. I loved watching Maggie and Caleb get more and more comfortable in the water, and since I was eight months pregnant last year, I felt a lot more free this summer! It was such a breath of fresh air.

— On our trip, Maggie, Caleb, and my nephew Parker started a band called “The Tigers”. Their first single is about a little girl who lost her stuffed animal. Look for the single to drop very soon.

— At the beginning of the month, Tim and I celebrated our eight year anniversary. Crazy.

— Our little family also made the trek to Durham, NC, one weekend to visit our dear friends. Watching your own kids love your best friends’ kids is such a special thing.

— Caleb and Maggie have somehow become obsessed with our family’s thermometer. I’m not sure how it happened, but they ask us to take their temperature every night before bed. (It’s the kind of thermometer that you swipe across your kid’s forehead.) While we were away at the lake, Caleb actually started sleeping with it. He would fall asleep clutching that thing like his favorite stuffed animal. That kid cracks me up.

— Micah is growing and changing so much! He loves to stand up and cruise around holding onto furniture. I think he’s pretty close to walking! He’s also gotten into the habit of pointing at people (usually strangers) and screaming at the top of his lungs in order to get their attention. Luckily, people tend to think that it’s cute.

— On one of our first days at the lake, Maggie DOVE into the water without even thinking! We were shocked and so proud! I think our response scared her a little because her dives were a little more timid as the week went on, but it was really fun to watch her get braver on the diving board.

— August already?! It doesn’t seem possible.

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