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It took Maggie over a year to grow any hair. Seriously. During her first year of life, I kept daydreaming about putting her hair in pigtails. So… when her hair actually started to grow, cutting it was the last thing on my mind! It actually made me a little sad to think about cutting her hair because it just confirmed a fact that I can’t ignore… she’s not a baby anymore.

A couple of weeks ago, Maggie, Caleb, and I were visiting Ashley and Sequoia, and I told Ashley that I needed her to cut Maggie’s hair sometime soon. (Ashley is an incredibly talented stylist.) Anyway, I said sometime soon because I thought I should put the idea out there in order to get used to it. But Ashley volunteered to do it that day, and I had to accept her offer. I mean, Maggie could barely see because her hair was always in her eyes! So… the following photos are what followed…

Maggie looking a little unsure.
Ashley had just the thing to make her feel more comfortable!
I love these next two.
The final product. So cute!
Caleb and Suki are becoming best buddies.
Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Ashley!


4 responses to “maggie’s first haircut | my life”

  1. LL INGRAM says:

    Maggie is adorable!

  2. Lauren says:

    Gosh, these pictures of Maggie do make me realize how much she has grown!! Such a beautiful little girl :)

  3. Karen W. says:

    Love these pics…so cute of Maggie and of course she likes Ashley alot and with a cookie…she will sit for a cut. Love the one of Caleb and Sequoia…and the shirts they are wearing. GaGa/GiGi

  4. the reppard crew says:

    too cute! i love it! :)

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