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I loved traveling to Annapolis earlier this month for Meaghan and Brian’s lovely wedding by the water! They couldn’t be sweeter, and their whole day was just gorgeous! I loved being able to really celebrate the beauty of Annapolis in their wedding photos. Being by the water is always such a treat!

Meaghan and Brian make such a lovely pair, and they were surrounded by the sweetest group of family and friends. (Meaghan was actually a bridesmaid in another wedding that I photographed, and I was THRILLED when she reached out to me about her own wedding day!) The love and joy that they shared was so much fun to photograph. They made my job way too easy!

I started my day with the girls at Meaghan and Brian’s gorgeous home, and the light was just incredible…

Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_002 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_003 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_004

Such a sweet and fun group of ladies!

Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_005 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_006 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_007 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_008

After the girls got ready, we headed to Brian’s parents’ home for the sweetest first look.

Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_009 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_010


Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_011 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_012 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_013 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_014

Then the whole wedding party explored some fun spots in Annapolis before heading to the ceremony…

Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_015 2019-11-27_0001 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_016 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_017 2019-11-26_0074 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_018 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_019 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_020 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_021 2019-11-27_0002 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_022 2019-11-27_0003 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_023 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_024 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_025 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_026 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_027 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_028 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_029 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_030 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_031

I loved photographing another ceremony at St. Mary’s. It’s such a beautiful church!

Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_032 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_033 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_034 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_035 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_036 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_037 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_038



After the ceremony, we walked with Meaghan and Brian to their reception at the Annapolis Yacht Club. It was cold, but the sunset was so lovely!

Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_040 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_041

Meaghan, you are stunning!

Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_042 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_043 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_044 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_045 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_046 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_048 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_047 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_049 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_050 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_051 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_052 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_053 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_054 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_055 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_056 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_057 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_058 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_059 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_060 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_061 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_062 Annapolis_Yacht_Club_Wedding_063

Last one…


Meaghan and Brian– Congratulations! We loved celebrating with you, and we wish you all the best!

Coordination | Wedding Savvy

Ceremony | St. Mary’s

Reception | Annapolis Yacht Club

Hair | Julianne Yapur

Makeup | Stephanie Cradlin

Flowers | Benfield Florist

DJ | Baltimore Sound

Second Photographer | Lovelight Imagery



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