micah | four

Sweet Micah. This kid is hilarious and smart and so full of life. I loved taking these photos in honor of his fourth birthday! In keeping with one of my personal goals, I captured these images on a roll of film. (I love having some personal photos to look forward to when I download scans from a wedding!) I adore this crazy kid, and I am so thankful to be his mom!







Micah actually started preschool yesterday, and this year marks the first time in eight years (!!) that I’ve had so much consistent and structured work time. I’m so excited to announce some changes later this week… stay tuned!!


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3 responses to “micah | four”

  1. KarenG says:

    Love these, especially the last one! Happy 4th sweet Micah.

  2. Sara Gahan says:

    Love these pictures and the sweet boy at the center of all of them! Happy birthday, Micah! Can’t wait to hear about the changes, Kris…

  3. Maureen G says:

    What an awesome boy! Can’t wait to be his mother in law one day :)

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