my family twelve times | february

(This post was inspired by Tara Whitney. Read about it here.)

February | at a glance.

— I admit it… This photo was taken at the beginning of March. Baby steps! (P.S. Thanks for the photo, Lashelle!)

— Maggie’s obsession with ballet dancing has grown to include all types of dancing. The other day she threw one arm in the air and began to twirl around saying, “Shake your body! Shake your body!” Tim and I just looked at each other. He blames me. I’m pretty sure those words have never left my mouth.

— Due to a blizzard here in Warrenton, Tim didn’t go to work for almost the entire month. When he had to go back I was a little depressed.

— Caleb has started to really make his voice heard. He will coo so loudly that it often sounds like he’s yelling at the T.V. I like to imagine that he’s just as confused as I am about this season of LOST.

— Maggie’s favorite book is currently Goldilocks and the Three Bears. When we get to the part where the bears come home, she likes to take over… complete with different voices for Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear. Adorable.

— Caleb rarely cries. It’s amazing. When he does cry, often times all it takes to make him stop is for Tim or me to pick him up. I’m not annoyed by this. I actually think it’s profound, this need to connect. It’s so sweet.

— I went and saw Valentine’s Day with two of my dear friends. I loved it. But I must admit that I was so happy to get out with two friends, I probably would have loved going to see any movie. Even Hot Tub Time Machine.

— This month (for me) was so wonderfully full of the Olympics and Pandora.

— Tim and I have started the daunting task of potty training. I use the term “started” very lightly. Actually, we told Maggie that we’d give her one M&M every time she successfully uses the potty. Now that she knows we are constantly in possession of M&M’s, she often goes around the house screaming, “I need candy! I need candy!” Has she successfully used the potty? Nope. Not once.

— Caleb likes to cuddle.

— I ordered my first Heart Piercing Card for my Valentine. My friend Stephanie makes these amazing cards, and I’m totally hooked. Her blog is just as lovely. It has become one of my favorite things to read. So inspiring.

Thanks for reading! March is full of some fun engagement shoots, so check back soon! :)


4 responses to “my family twelve times | february”

  1. Ali Caudill says:

    love this photo of you guys – beautiful! bring on springtime :) good luck back to work this month, i can't wait to see more of your beautiful pictures.

  2. Kristen King says:

    Oh, Kristen! I love you so much. Thanks for sharing this lovely picture and the update on the family. The "Shake your body!" is probably from Lily. Thankfully the "booty" has become "body" in your house. The "I want candy!" made me laugh out loud. :) I cannot wait to see you all again! Here, there, anywhere. Give the kids a kiss and hug from us.

  3. Lauren Gay Photography says:

    ah, this photo is pure joy! I love that you're doing this!

  4. Karen W. says:

    I think Maggie has heard me scream that alot…I NEED CANDY…and now that I have given up sweets (I hope forever) I am screaming I NEED SUGAR alot. Love my Maggie…and a great dancer too.'GaGa

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