my family twelve times | march

This photo cracks me up. Tim looks less than thrilled, and I think Caleb is trying to make himself throw up. Oh well. We already have a photo for April, and we look much happier! (Check back in a month for that one!)

— I feel like this month has gone by more quickly than most. I have officially started back to work (shooting portraits) and so begins the delicate balance between working and being a mom to two kids. So far, I feel pretty sane! I hope April is just as manageable.

— Caleb has continued to grow into such a sweet baby. Right now, his obsession is blowing raspberries. Sometimes, I think he’s mocking me.

— Maggie has developed an irrational fear of bugs. Whenever she sees a bug of any kind, she screams and hides her eyes until I can assure her that the coast is clear. Strangely enough, this fear does not extend to scary animals. On a walk the other day, we ran into a cat that was hissing at us and I imagined it was full of numerous cat diseases. But Maggie was so pleased to see it. She started excitedly calling to the cat, and if I had let her, she would have scooped it up and taken it home with her for nap time.

— I love Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. When Caleb starts going to sleep earlier, I know I’ll never be able to stay awake for it. But, for now, I think it’s hilarious. Also, I kind of have a crush on Jimmy Fallon.

— Maggie has a favorite CD that is always playing in our car. More than once this month, Tim and I have found ourselves rocking out to the music… when the kids haven’t been in the car with us.

— Tim has begun training for a half-marathon. He has already run two half-marathons, and his training routine usually stops when he runs six miles. Somehow, he is always able to run the entire race. I have no idea how he does it.

— Maggie has started to fulfill my dream of living in a musical. She often sings a song to explain the simplest of tasks. (For instance, as I was writing this post, my computer battery died. After I said, “Shoot!” Maggie sang the following: “Mommy, we can try to work it ooouuuttt!”) And these little tunes are often accompanied by an impromptu dance routine. That’s my girl.

— Caleb is laughing a lot more. It’s one of the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard.

— About a month before Caleb was born, we bought a Toyota Sienna. I was a little depressed until I saw these commercials. Tim and I like to imagine that they were written for our family.

— Maggie really loves to run. If you’ve never seen a two-year-old run away, you’re missing out. It’s adorable. The other day, Maggie (very seriously) approached me and said, “Mommy, it’s my job to run away!” She then proceeded to frantically run down the sidewalk.

Check back soon for some really cute portrait shoots! (This post was inspired by Tara Whitney! She’s awesome. Check her out.)


5 responses to “my family twelve times | march”

  1. Lauren says:

    I really think that you and Tim could do your own Toyota Sienna commercial – in fact, if that Facebook doppelganger thing was still all the rage, I would suggest posting it as your profile pic :). Love you guys!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shey said…
    I agree with Lauren! Also, have you seen the newest one where the mom hangs out in the car, doing her nails and watching the OC…and when the little kid knocks on the door the dad says, "shhh, mommy's in a time out". Hilarious.

  3. karen says:

    I'm with Lauren…. that would be funny. The pic is hilarious, but sweet. Miss you guys and love you all.

  4. Karen W. says:

    Aww…full circle…it seems I heard you say…I will never drive a Van!! Remembering how you and your brothers hated my VAN. Enjoy it for the next 10 years..haha

    GaGa Karen

  5. the reppard crew says:

    i love them! we would love to play sometime this spring if we can figure it out! :)

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