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— I’ve literally been sitting on this post for the last two months… And Thanksgiving made it’s place in our home… And now Christmas is here. And I just haven’t carved out the time to write it! But I want to finish out the year and remember the things that have made me smile. So, here it goes…

— Caleb is obsessed with Coldplay. I have a CD in the rotation of my car stereo that has “Fix You” on it. Early this Fall he started requesting it whenever he got in the car. And his love for the song has led him to go into a high kick routine every time that it comes on. It’s hilarious!

— Have you heard of The Kissing Hand? When Maggie started preschool, my friend told me about this book. And before we even read it together, I got into the habit of drawing a heart on Maggie’s hand when she had to go to school (or I had to go to work) and she was feeling sad about it. It has honestly become one of my favorite traditions. The heart is just a reminder that we’re thinking about each other. And I love so much that it really works… That she really feels better with that little heart on her hand. And when I’m on a photo shoot, I like seeing the heart on my hand too. (I also love that Caleb has started to request that I draw a heart on his hand. He has no idea what’s going on, but he definitely doesn’t want to be outdone by his sister!)

— Maggie turned four in October, Caleb turned two in November, and Micah just keeps getting cuter.

— Maggie took part in her first preschool production. She belted out “I’m a very fine turkey” like a true professional.

— Micah is starting to find his voice. He’s particularly talkative at night after Maggie and Caleb have gone to sleep. Tim and I love to give him our undivided attention and hear all the sounds that he makes. He is such a happy baby! I’m really loving all the sweet baby cuddles that come with having a four-month-old in the house.

— Since Tim and I both have family in town, we typically spend our holidays divided between both families. And so, we enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners and plenty of time with all of our siblings, parents, nieces, and nephews. I’m getting bigger just thinking about it.

— Though I wasn’t there to run with them, Tim, Maggie, Caleb, and Micah all “ran” in the Chris Dove Memorial 5K. (Tim literally pushed and carried all three kids through the entire race.) I really wish I could have participated (I was working that day) but I was so glad that the rest of my family did it. Micah Christopher actually gets his middle name from Chris, and I love that he was a part of the first annual race.

— Maggie can’t get enough of the movie Tangled, and she has decided that she’d rather not cut her hair because she wants it to grow as long as possible. ¬†Lately, her favorite game is to run around the house dragging a long piece of felt behind her. She’ll actually tie her felt “hair” to the door handle and try to swing on it. ¬†Cracks. Me. Up.

— Caleb and Maggie love to try to make Micah laugh. When they succeed, it’s such a sweet, sweet sound.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Sara Gahan says:

    This email makes me smile and smile and smile. Your family sure is sweet and adorable–and you might just be mother of the century. I LOVE the heart on the hand idea…putting that one in my back pocket! LOVE LOVE LOVE you five!!

  2. ali says:

    what a beautiful family you are. INSIDE and out. love you all. xo.

  3. Jenn Sigmon says:

    Aw so sweet! My Mom and I did the same thing. We wore matching heart pins on our shirts and it helped me so much when I was missing her throughout the day! You have such a sweet family.

  4. Kristen says:

    Kristen…I can’t wait to see you all for Christmas. This makes me happy. Love you!

  5. Robin Firestone says:

    When Sara was in preschool (15 years ago…UGH), her teacher told us about “The Kissing Hand” book. Of course we went out and bought it…one of our favorite books, so sweet!!! I miss those days!!!!

  6. Karen G says:

    Love the sweet pics and the post — better late than never for sure. I’m glad to know the story behind the heart… now I understand why you suggested that to Maggie on one of the sad days I was leaving town. So sweet. xoxo

  7. ah! precious! i adore their pictures and love what you have written about their sweet personalities! miss y’all! xo

  8. Emily Baxter says:

    can maggie please be a model?! she is beyond beautiful!

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