one roll.

Last month, our family moved. We packed up our little house and made the five mile trek to the perfect new home right outside of town, and we couldn’t be more excited, overwhelmed, or thankful for this new phase of our life as a family.  That being said,  if you’ve ever moved (even if it is only ten minutes away) you know how crazy overwhelming that can be. Add three kids, and you pretty much need a glass of wine before your morning coffee. Thankfully (thankfully!!) this isn’t wedding season. Otherwise, I would have seriously lost my mind. :)

But it’s been a few weeks and we’re (sort of) settled into our new home, and I feel like the transition has brought with it a huge rush of emotions. First of all, I really loved our first house. The day after we closed on that house (six years ago) we found out that we were pregnant. I remember learning the news that the baby was actually a little girl, and the thought of choosing her name was so exciting. (If I’m being honest, I loved the name Maggie before we were even expecting, but Tim needed to discuss all the options.) We had different girl names on all these post-it notes on our bathroom mirror, and one morning I woke up to find a single name left. It was just the “Maggie” note with a little heart drawn right under her name. I never took the note down.  It was literally the very last item that I pulled out of our room.

That’s the kind of thing that makes me feel emotional about this whole process.

And so here we are in our new home, and I can’t stop thinking about all the things that I want for me and for my family in this new space. I want to slow down long enough to appreciate all those post-it-note-moments. (I guess I just made that a thing.) And I really want to make and preserve special memories. Obviously, I want to continue to take photos of my family enjoying life together. (Three cheers for Instagram!) I also want to experiment with film as much possible, and I want to take more photos just because. Just because I feel inspired or excited to do it just for me. But I also need to be purposeful when I shoot film because the cost can quickly add up.

Two weeks ago, one of my very best friends came to visit. She’s expecting her second baby, and she made the drive from Baltimore so that she could see our new house and we could go out to brunch. And I asked her if I could take just one roll of film to document her perfectly adorable pregnant belly. Just one roll.

It was so fun. We walked out into the yard right in the middle of the day and I really had to think about where she should stand. I took 16 frames. I started laughing when I heard the film reminding because it just happens so quickly! And then we left to meet our friends. I didn’t think about the photos again until the scans came back two weeks later. It was so incredibly freeing!

And so… a new personal project has begun! I am going to start taking just one roll of film when inspiration hits. Because I want to practice as much as possible. But I also don’t want to go into debt. :) I can’t wait to see where the journey takes me!

And the thing that makes this post pretty: Nichole and soon-to-be baby girl…


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14 responses to “one roll.”

  1. KarenG says:

    Lovely words, Kris. These photos turned out great! Love them.

  2. ali says:

    i love you. the post it note thing made me cry. and every single one of these photos is so incredibly beautiful i can’t stop looking at them.

  3. Shey says:

    I love your writing, you and these photos! That little girl will cherish these beautiful pictures of her and her mama!

  4. Lindsay says:

    The post it note story about Maggie was SO incredibly sweet! I loved it! The pictures are beautiful – you don’t need to take a lot – because you always do an amazing job!!

  5. Donna Murray says:

    Kristen, your work is beautiful and your words are very pertinent to me now — I am moving in two weeks to a brand new condo. Janine is moving to Florida soon — her health situation requires a warmer climate and a single-level home. No jobs in Florida for me, so I’m staying here. Moving is very daunting and although I don’t have three little ones to contend with, at my age moving itself is a huge challenge. So it was lovely to read about the joy and pathos of moving to a new place. All the best wishes to you and your wonderful family.

  6. Starr ibach says:

    See is so lovely

  7. Karen (GiGi) says:

    I love the blog and the pictures and your beautiful family, and the beautiful girl named Maggie and you and the new home that will have so many memories over the years…

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