sequoia | nine-months-old

This sweet little bundle of deliciousness just hit the nine-month-mark. Isn’t she adorable? When she can talk, I’m going to start asking Suki for fashion advice.

This shoot was actually really special for a number of reasons. Suki is my niece, so I love getting the chance to take her picture. But she also just recently had major surgery. When Sequoia was just a few months old, Matt and Ashley found out that she had Craniosynostosis, and shortly after this shoot, Suki went in for skull surgery. (Skull surgery!) I can’t even begin to imagine what that was like for Matt and Ashley… Thankfully, everything went really well. (Sequoia’s surgeon was actually Dr. Ben Carson. Pretty amazing, right?)

It was incredible to watch the way that Ashley and Matt cared for Sequoia during the whole ordeal. And now, talking about her surgery is a really beautiful part of her story. You can see why I loved capturing her last week…
my favorite from the session.
Can you believe those eyes?
The countdown to your first birthday begins!!


4 responses to “sequoia | nine-months-old”

  1. Ali Caudill says:

    soooooooo perfecT! i love the b&w where she's cracking up and ash is tickling her. and the one where she's bending down to hold her hand. and the last one! and the first one! well, all of them. awesome job!

  2. Courtney Anderson Photography says:

    these are all so gorgeous. love, love, LOVE!!

  3. Lauren Gay Photography says:

    These are so beautiful! My favorite is the one of her holding Ashley's hand. Oh my gosh…what a cutie!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love love them all (shocker) but I especially like the one of Ashley and Suki (nose to nose, and the one of her posing on her side…so darn cute. Great pics Kris. Karen W.

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