Shadow Creek Weddings| Carol + Rich

Carol and Rich’s beautiful late summer wedding at Shadow Creek Weddings & Events was such a joy to photograph. I’ve loved getting to know these two over the past year, and I knew that their wedding day was going to be simply gorgeous. Carol and Rich are so sweet with one another, and I loved seeing how calm and full of joy they both were on their wedding day. Every detail was amazing, but capturing the love of the couple and excitement and encouragement of their family and friends was truly my favorite part.

I started my day with the ladies at the Lansdowne Resort, and the gorgeous light and setting set the stage for an incredible day!
Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_001 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_002 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_003 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_004 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_005 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_006 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_007 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_008 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_009 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_010 Carol and Rich shared the sweetest first look before heading to their ceremony. I could have photographed these two all day long. Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_011 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_012 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_013 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_014 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_015 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_016 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_017 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_018 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_019 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_020 LOVE. Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_021 Carol, you are stunning! Your bridal style was incredible. Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_022 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_023 Rich, you were looking pretty handsome too! Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_024 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_025 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_026 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_027 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_028 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_029 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_030 I loved the flowers and gorgeous Chuppah by Floral & Bloom. So lovely! Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_031 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_032 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_033 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_034 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_035 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_036 Married! Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_038 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_039 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_040 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_041 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_042 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_043 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_044 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_049 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_046 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_047 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_048 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_050 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_051 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_052 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_053 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_054 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_055 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_056 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_057 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_058 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_059 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_060 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_061 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_062 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_063 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_064 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_065 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_066 Shadowcreek_Weddings_Blog_067

Carol + Rich– Thank you so much for inviting me to share in your day! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Event Design + Coordination | Roberts & Co. Events

Venue | Shadow Creek Weddings & Events

Flowers | Floral & Bloom Designs

Baker | Fluffy Thoughts

Hair + Makeup | Bridal Artistry DC

Dress | Leanna Marshall from Lovely Bride

Caterer | Spilled Milk

Paper | Jenifer Sirkis Designs

Band | Bachelor Boys Band

Video | Bowen Films

Furniture Rentals | Something Vintage Rentals

Tabletop Rentals | White Glove Rentals

Second Photographer | Susan Seidel


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