Stone Tower Winery Proposal | Jamie + Sav

Two weeks ago, Jamie and Sav traveled to Virginia for a fun weekend that included introducing their parents to each other for the very first time. And unbeknownst to Sav, Jamie had even bigger plans… he knew this trip would provide the perfect opportunity for him to propose! I was absolutely THRILLED when Tabitha Roberts reached out to see if I was available to photograph the proposal. Stone Tower Winery provided the perfect backdrop, and I was happy to hide behind a pillar while Jamie and Sav toured the winery and eventually made their way to the outdoor patio…

Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_001 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_002 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_003 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_004 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_005

All four parents (and an entire deck full of winery guests!) watched and cheered when Sav said yes. It was so sweet! And these two were just amazing to photograph. After the proposal, we took a few minutes to walk around the property and celebrate their brand new engagement. It was so much fun to meet these two and share in their excitement. It made me fall in love with photographing proposals!

Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_006 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_007 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_008 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_009 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_010 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_011 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_012 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_013 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_014 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_015 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_016 Jamie_Sav_Proposal_blog_017

Jamie and Sav– Congratulations! It was such an honor for me to photograph the beginning of this very special journey. <3


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