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Earlier this spring, Samee and Rob realized that they were going to have to postpone their large wedding celebration at Stone Tower Winery. But instead of waiting to get married, they decided to move forward with a small ceremony on their original wedding date, and I was so honored to capture it! Pure Whimsy Events did such an amazing job pulling everything together, and the whole day was so special and full of joy. I love intimate celebrations like this one.

Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_002 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_004 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_005 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_003 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_006 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_007 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_008 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_009 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_010 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_011 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_012 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_013 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_014 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_015 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_016


Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_017 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_018

Samee, you are gorgeous!

Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_019 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_020 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_021 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_022 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_023 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_024 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_025

After their ceremony, Samee and Rob headed over to Little Oatlands to enjoy cake and champagne. I love the hidden garden, and it was so fun to keep the celebration going for a little longer.

Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_026 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_027 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_028 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_029 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_030 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_031 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_032 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_033 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_042 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_043 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_044

After enjoying cake and champagne, Samee and Rob were surprised with letters written by some of their closest family and friends. It was so sweet!

Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_045 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_046 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_047 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_048 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_034 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_035 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_036 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_037 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_038 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_039 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_040 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_041 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_049 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_050 Stone_Tower_Winery_Wedding_051

Samee and Rob– It was such an honor to capture your wedding day! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, and I can’t wait for you to celebrate BIG with your friends and family this fall!

Ceremony | Stone Tower Winery

Reception | Little Oatlands

Planning | Pure Whimsy Events

Flowers | Wild Green Yonder

Tabletop Rentals | Courtney Ingram 

Linen | BBJ Linen 

Officiate | Stephanie Carpio, LMT



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