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sweet aiden.

Awhile back, I held a giveaway on the blog for a styled photo session. The winner was chosen at random, and she happened to be one of my friends from high school! Anyway, Lindsay (the winner) lives in Alabama, and though she tried to give the shoot away to a family member in VA, it just didn’t work out. I assured her that I would still love to do a regular portrait session with her family, and that I would be happy to just postpone it until she was visiting Virginia. But she had another idea, and this is the message she sent back:

“I would LOVE to have you take pictures of my boys, but I know I won’t be up there anytime soon. Could I suggest a family who would really appreciate it? My friend Leslie, her husband Chris, and their sweet son Aiden. Aiden is two years old and has literally spent his entire life fighting cancer. He just recently finished his chemo treatments. He and his parents have been through so much. It’s unbelievable. I’m so grateful he is getting healthier and stronger every day. It would be amazing to see pictures of the family together.”

I was so touched by the story and Lindsay’s desire to give such a wonderful gift to her friend. So, just a few days before I left on my family’s vacation, I met this amazing family. Not surprisingly, they’re pretty awesome. It turns out that Aiden was diagnosed with an aggressive type of muscle cancer at only 5 months old. About a year ago, Aiden completed his treatment protocol (54-weeks of chemotherapy and 29 days of proton beam radiation) and his most recent scans were great! I can’t imagine the mix of relief and hope that this sweet family experiences each day. You can follow their story (and show your support!) on Aiden’s Facebook page.

Aiden is just so adorable. He is turning three this November (like another sweet boy I know!) and he had me laughing during our entire session! He couldn’t get enough of all the rocks at Stone Bridge. He kept wanting to put all the best ones in his pocket.

I love these sweet moments with Mom.

In addition to being adorable, Aiden is also a magician! In this photo, he is performing a magic trick to see what his mom is holding. I loved seeing how much fun these three have together!

Aiden plays air guitar.

I’ll end with this photo that I grabbed of Leslie and Chris at the end of our session. These two are just so kind and dear. And they’re truly two of the strongest parents that I know.

Leslie, Chris, and Aiden: Thank you so much for letting me capture your sweet family. You are truly an inspiration.


14 responses to “sweet aiden.”

  1. Katie Smith says:

    Kris, I have been waiting for this post. I started to tear up reading her friends email. I have actually been following their website for some time and was so excited when I saw your sneak peak. As parents we truly can’t begin to imagine news like this. I am thinking of this family and hope Aiden’s results remain positive. They are an inspiration and a reminder when you are having a hard day with your kids :) xo

  2. Lindsay says:

    Kristen, I can’t stop the tears! This means so much to me as I know it does to Leslie, Chris, and Aiden. Thank you, for doing this!

    • kristen says:

      Thank you so much, Lindsay, for introducing me to such an amazing family! Your gift was such a sweet one.

  3. Leslie Lipscomb says:

    Kristen, Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and for sharing our story!! Lindsay, thank you so very much for being such a wonderful friend and giving us this amazing opportunity!

  4. Lisa Zabawa-Wilkins says:

    What great photos! I can’t believe how big Aiden is!

  5. Dad says:

    Unbelievably beautiful. I can’t think of anyone who are as exquisite examples of what great parents are as you two. I love you very much! Thank you Lindsay and Kristen for your kindness!

  6. Sara Gahan says:

    I’m crying too, and I don’t even know generous Lindsay or this sweet family! What a gift you and Lindsay gave this beautiful family. I am so happy for them. May many years of joyful moments be in their future!

  7. kate triano says:

    Love them! (i shot their wedding, they are the sweetest people in the world!). Great photos!!

  8. Karen G says:


  9. Grandpa and Grandma Tobin says:

    Our sweet Aiden is the light of our lives! We are so blessed. Thanks for these wonderful pictures that we will always treasure.

  10. Lisa Watson says:

    Thank you soooooo much for sharing these pictures. I am one of the nurses at the hospital, and I have to say this is one of our absolute favorite families! These pictures have totally touched my heart. We dont get to see our families often after they are done with treatment, and these pics remind me why we will continue to fight for our families until we have a cure for every horrible cancer out there!!!

  11. Terry Senseny says:

    I couldn’t me more thrilled for Aiden’s recovery. They are a beautiful family- both inside and out!! Love to all from Jen’s Mom

  12. Bobbie Jones says:

    This is such a heart warming look at this family. God bless them and the extended family who were with them for every step of Aiden’s treatment. May life be beautiful for them from now on!

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