taking a breath.

Winter is notoriously coined as the “slow season” for wedding photographers. And true to form, the coldĀ (warm?) winter weather has arrived full of potential and possibility as I wait until March to shoot my next wedding. I always welcome this time of year. It’s a time to pause… to think about the future of KGP and where I’d like to go in 2012. It’s a season to focus more intently on family, and it’s a time to just stop running and recharge for a bit.

So after shooting this fabulous wedding on New Year’s Eve, January was like one giant deep breath. And for the first time since I became a momma, I put my camera away ALL. MONTH. LONG. Man, it felt pretty freeing! I did pull it out a few times for a really cool work project (more on that soon!) but for every trip to the park, every beautiful day, every fun memory with my family, I chose Instagram over Canon.

— Speaking of Instagram, my apologies to anyone who has decided to follow me. I’m not the only person in my family with a love for that phone app. Maggie’s new favorite past-time is taking instagram pictures, and that usually means turning the camera on herself and shooting a strange image up her nose. But she also takes photos of our family, and one of her pictures is included above. A Caleb original is up there too! :)

— Over the past two months, “Maggie and Caleb” has really developed into its very own entity. I love the relationship that is developing between these two. They love to play and pretend together, and I adore listening to their conversations unfold when they don’t realize that I’m within earshot.

— Micah continues to be the happiest baby on the planet. Seriously, that kid is joyful. He loves to “talk” and laugh, and whenever Tim or I pick him up, he automatically reaches out his little hands to grab on in the sweetest little baby-hug. I love it.

— Caleb has started squinting. When I ask him a question or make a request, he often will turn toward me and just squint his eyes. I know this isn’t the best practice on his part, but man it makes me laugh.

— For the first time since Caleb was six-months-old, I went through and updated the frames in our home. Yes, it seriously took me that long.

— Since I went back to shooting weddings soon after Micah was born, I feel like Tim and I just needed to make it all work. My schedule was hectic, but we worked it out. We did fun things with our kids. We both divided time to focus on our jobs. We stayed up late and woke up early. Somehow, we made it work. Since things have slowed down for me, I’ve suddenly become more aware of all that it takes to get Maggie, Caleb, and Micah out the door. It’s as if my busy schedule forced me to be more on top of things. Right now, I’m just thankful when we make it to the park and everyone has pants on.

— In five days, Micah will celebrate his first half-birthday! Check back soon for some sweet six-month photos of our littlest love.


3 responses to “taking a breath.”

  1. KFinn says:

    these are great Kristen! such an awesome family!

  2. ali says:

    “i’m just thankful when we make it to the park and everyone has pants on.” hahahaha i love you and your beautiful family. your instagram photos are amazing, too! love your eye for special moments. xo.

  3. Karen G says:

    Love the instagram pics and glad you were able to breathe a little bit. Can’t wait to see you all soon. xoxo

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