tax day.

Today, I am putting all procrastination aside and finally completing my taxes. I do have an accountant, but I’ve waited far too long to file my paperwork, update Quickbooks, and organize all of my receipts. I’ve avoided it like the plague. Also, it’s pouring down rain today, which does nothing to lift my spirits…

So, before Maggie and Caleb went to my in-laws for the day, I decided to take a breath, grab my camera, and let Maggie play in the rain for a bit before we left. (Caleb is still a little too unsteady for rainboots, but his day will come soon!) I love these photos of Maggie. Her sweet cousin, Lily, just gave her that umbrella earlier this week, and she was so excited to try it out. Also, she’s wearing a dress (the same dress that appears in my “LOVE” post) because dresses and skirts are all she wants to wear these days. On a particularly cold day earlier this week, she grabbed a “twirly” skirt and pulled it on over her jeans… because she knew she’d want to get some dancing in on the playground. :)

I know that I say it with every new post, but she looks particularly old and wise to me today. Ready for a new baby, ready to start preschool in the Fall, ready to keep growing… And as much as I want her to stay little forever, I also love seeing her grow into such a thoughtful and sweet little girl. This photo shoot definitely helped make me feel a little bit happier this morning. Also, I’m not going to lie… putting off taxes even more to post these photos is making me smile!


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