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I couldn’t think of a better way to end the summer and kick off the fall wedding season than celebrating with these two. Kristin and Mike are two of the sweetest (and funniest!) people around, and spending time with them is such a delight! They celebrated their wedding at the Birkby House on one of the hottest days this year, but it didn’t even seem to phase them– The whole day was an absolute blast!

Kristin and Mike were full of so much love, joy, and laughter all day, and it was so much fun to be there capturing everything. They also had a really wonderful group of family and friends who were there to support them, and since Mike is originally from Warrenton (my hometown!) I enjoyed seeing lots of old friends that day. (I’ve actually known Mike’s family for years, so capturing this day was really special for me!) I’m so happy to finally share a handful of some of my favorite images– Kristin and Mike were so laid back and fun, and they were SO EASY to photograph. See for yourself– they’re adorable, and they made my job way too easy!

Kristin_Mike_Blog_002 Kristin_Mike_Blog_003 Kristin_Mike_Blog_004 Kristin_Mike_Blog_005 Kristin_Mike_Blog_006 Kristin_Mike_Blog_007

Kristin and Mike are going on an Italian honeymoon, and he surprised her with a beautiful painting of the Italian countryside.

Kristin_Mike_Blog_008 Kristin_Mike_Blog_009 Kristin_Mike_Blog_010

Loved this sweet first look with Kristin’s dad.

Kristin_Mike_Blog_011 Kristin_Mike_Blog_012 Kristin_Mike_Blog_013 Kristin_Mike_Blog_014 Kristin_Mike_Blog_015 Kristin_Mike_Blog_016

Love these two!

Kristin_Mike_Blog_017 Kristin_Mike_Blog_018 Kristin_Mike_Blog_019 Kristin_Mike_Blog_020 Kristin_Mike_Blog_021 Kristin_Mike_Blog_022 Kristin_Mike_Blog_023 Kristin_Mike_Blog_024 Kristin_Mike_Blog_025

Such a gorgeous bride!

Kristin_Mike_Blog_026 Kristin_Mike_Blog_027

So handsome. Both Kristin and Mike had an amazing wedding-day style.

Kristin_Mike_Blog_028 Kristin_Mike_Blog_029

LOVED these ladies so much!!

Kristin_Mike_Blog_030 Kristin_Mike_Blog_031 Kristin_Mike_Blog_032 Kristin_Mike_Blog_033

And these guys were pretty great too!

Kristin_Mike_Blog_034 Kristin_Mike_Blog_035 Kristin_Mike_Blog_036 Kristin_Mike_Blog_037 Kristin_Mike_Blog_038 Kristin_Mike_Blog_039 Kristin_Mike_Blog_040 Kristin_Mike_Blog_041 Kristin_Mike_Blog_042 Kristin_Mike_Blog_043 Kristin_Mike_Blog_044 Kristin_Mike_Blog_045 Kristin_Mike_Blog_046


Kristin_Mike_Blog_047 Kristin_Mike_Blog_048 Kristin_Mike_Blog_049 Kristin_Mike_Blog_050 Kristin_Mike_Blog_051 Kristin_Mike_Blog_052 Kristin_Mike_Blog_053 Kristin_Mike_Blog_054 Kristin_Mike_Blog_055 Kristin_Mike_Blog_056 Kristin_Mike_Blog_057 Kristin_Mike_Blog_058 Kristin_Mike_Blog_059 Kristin_Mike_Blog_060 Kristin_Mike_Blog_061 Kristin_Mike_Blog_062 Kristin_Mike_Blog_063 Kristin_Mike_Blog_064 Kristin_Mike_Blog_065

As the sun was setting, we snuck away for just a few more photos of these two…

Kristin_Mike_Blog_066 Kristin_Mike_Blog_067

This might be my favorite photo of the day. Love it so much.

Kristin_Mike_Blog_068 Kristin_Mike_Blog_069 Kristin_Mike_Blog_070 Kristin_Mike_Blog_071 Kristin_Mike_Blog_072

The party was so fun!!

Kristin_Mike_Blog_074 Kristin_Mike_Blog_075 Kristin_Mike_Blog_076 Kristin_Mike_Blog_077 Kristin_Mike_Blog_078 Kristin_Mike_Blog_079 Kristin_Mike_Blog_080 Kristin_Mike_Blog_081 Kristin_Mike_Blog_082

Kristin and Mike– you two are the absolute best. Thank you so much for inviting me to capture your wedding day! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Venue | Birkby House

Coordinator | Simply Royal Events

Flowers | Lark Floral

Cake | Fluffy Thoughts

Dress | BHLDN

Makeup | Heather Rea Style Studio

Hair | Alexis Layne

Band | Bachelor Boys Band


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