The Grand Caribe Belize | Tyler + Brandon


In what feels like an absolute dream (did this really happen?!) I traveled to Belize last month to photograph Tyler and Brandon’s beautiful wedding by the water at the Grand Caribe Belize. I cannot say enough about these two! It was such an honor to be welcomed into their closest group of family and friends, and I loved everything about their amazing wedding celebration.

Tyler and I were actually roommates our first year in college (and then housemates for two more!). She was my very first new friend after leaving home, and I loved her immediately. Tyler is outgoing and kind and one of the most adventurous people that I’ve ever met. She can walk into a room and make anyone feel comfortable, and she’s also the first person that I’d call for advice (and support!) if I decided that I wanted to jump out of an airplane. She’s the kind of friend that makes everyone feel special, and she also inspires the people around her to take more risks and look for adventure. She’s just that amazing! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that she’s met her match and true partner in Brandon. He’s incredibly kind and welcoming– just as adventurous as Tyler– and the way that he loves and cares for her was such a special thing to capture. I absolutely ADORE these two, and their wedding day was an absolute dream to photograph!

Tyler_Brandon_Blog_002 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_003 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_004 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_005 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_006 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_007 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_008 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_009

Tyler and Brandon had their first look down by the water at their ceremony site. Isn’t this the most amazing view?!

Tyler_Brandon_Blog_010 2018-11-14_0070 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_013 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_014

Tyler, you are such a beauty!

Tyler_Brandon_Blog_015 2018-11-14_0066 2018-11-14_0067 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_017 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_018 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_019 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_020 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_021 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_022 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_023 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_024 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_025 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_026 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_027 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_028 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_029 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_030 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_031


Tyler_Brandon_Blog_032 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_033 2018-11-14_0068 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_035 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_037

After the ceremony, guests headed up to the Rain Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace for a sunset reception. The view was just amazing!

Tyler_Brandon_Blog_038 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_039 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_040 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_041 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_042 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_043 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_044 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_045 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_046 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_047 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_048 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_049 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_050 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_051 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_052 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_053 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_054 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_055 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_056 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_057 Tyler_Brandon_Blog_058

Last one… the moon in this photo!!


Tyler and Brandon– I cannot thank you enough for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day. It was wonderful to celebrate with both of you, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!


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  1. Calder Reardon says:

    Great photos. Looking forward to seeing more. Any Smoot family photos?

  2. Rebecca Smoot says:

    Kristen you did a wonderful job of photographing Tyler’s and Brandon’s wedding. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks again.

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