The Inn at Little Washington | Max + Lizzie

The Inn at Little Washington is the perfect place to host an intimate wedding, and I was so glad to visit one last time this year in order to capture Lizzie and Max’s amazing wedding day. These two were SO MUCH FUN. I loved the laughter and joy that they brought to their wedding day, and we were met with the loveliest fall weather. If felt like the perfect start to the holiday season, and it was such a delight to be there.

Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_001 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_002 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_003 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_004 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_005 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_006 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_007

Lizzie was such a gorgeous bride. Her style and that backdrop were perfect together.
Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_008 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_009 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_010

I loved Max’s style too! These two looked so good together.


One of the Inn’s mannequins joined the guest for the ceremony, and he stuck around all day. It made everyone smile and was such a fun addition!

Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_012 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_013 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_014 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_015 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_016 2020-12-08_0039 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_017 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_018 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_019 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_020 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_021 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_022

Luray (the Chef’s famous pup) joined Max and Lizzie for a few photos. He was such a sweetheart!

Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_023 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_024 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_025 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_026 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_027

Before heading into dinner, Lizzie and Max did something that I have actually never seen before. They “iced” their guests, which involved each guest enjoying a Smirnoff before heading into dinner. It had everyone laughing and was such a funny way to transition from the cocktail hour.

2020-12-08_0037 2020-12-08_0038 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_028 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_029 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_030 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_031 Inn_at_Little_Washington_Wedding_032

Max and Lizzie– Congratulations! Your wedding day was an absolute delight to photograph.

Venue | The Inn at Little Washington

Flowers | The Inn at Little Washington

Hair + Makeup | Grit Studio


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