The Inn at Little Washington.


Tzeitel and Steve were married earlier this month at the Inn at Little Washington, and I loved everything about their sweet and intimate family wedding. It poured all morning, but somehow we lucked out and the sun came out to greet us right in time for their ceremony. The setting could not have been more lovely, and it was such an honor to capture the merging of their families and the beginning of their life together.

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The ceremony was held on the ballroom patio, and I loved how it brought the families so close to the exchange of vows! It was such a lovely space.

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Tzeitel and her lovely mother and sisters.

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The sunset over the mountains is one of my favorite things about the lawn outside of the ballroom.

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Last one…


Tzeitel and Steve– Congratulations! Your wedding was just beautiful, and I loved capturing the beginning of this new journey together

Venue | The Inn at Little Washington

Coordination | Lisa Albert

Hair + Makeup | Lori Nansi


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  1. Helen & Sandy says:

    Beautiful….thanks for sharing…..a beautiful affair!

  2. Helen & Sandy says:

    beautiful….thanks for sharing…..a great day!

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