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I loved capturing Dasha and Nate’s intimate wedding celebration earlier this month at the Salamander Resort. The two had originally planned a backyard wedding, but they made the decision to change locations just days before, due to a stormy wedding day forecast. Lucky for us, the Salamander Resort was able to accommodate their intimate guest list, and the rain held off after all!

Dasha and Nate make such an amazing pair, and they couldn’t be sweeter. I loved getting to know them both, and it was so much fun photographing their wedding celebration! I adore small and intimate events like this one.

Salamander_Resort_Wedding_002 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_003 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_004 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_005 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_006 2020-08-19_0035

One of the great benefits of a smaller wedding is having plenty of time to take portraits without missing out on anything else. I loved having extra time to photograph Dasha. She was such a stunning bride!

2020-08-19_0037 2020-08-19_0036 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_009 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_012 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_013 2020-08-19_0038

We moved into the library for Dasha and Nate’s ceremony, and the setting was perfectly cozy as they exchanged their vows.

Salamander_Resort_Wedding_014 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_015 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_016 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_017 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_018



Love these two! They made things way too easy for me.

Salamander_Resort_Wedding_020 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_021 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_022 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_023 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_024 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_025 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_026 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_027 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_028 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_029 Salamander_Resort_Wedding_030

Last one…


Dasha and Nate– Congratulations! I loved celebrating with both of you!!

Venue | The Salamander Resort

Hair + Makeup | Jasmine Palma Artistry and Francisca Rogel


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