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Megan and Ben were married on one of the most gorgeous days in September, and it was such an honor to celebrate with them at the Salamander Resort & Spa! The joy and love that surrounded these two was incredible. And it was easy to see why their family and friends were so happy to celebrate their marriage– Megan and Ben could not be more perfect for one another. They have such a sweet a supportive love, and it was so beautiful to see the way that they cared for each other throughout the day. Their smiles were bright ALL DAY LONG, and it was such a joy to be there. Throw in the INCREDIBLE backdrop of the Salamander Resort, and it was truly a photographer’s dream!

Salamander_Resort_Blog_002 Salamander_Resort_Blog_003 Salamander_Resort_Blog_004 Salamander_Resort_Blog_005 Salamander_Resort_Blog_006 Salamander_Resort_Blog_007 Salamander_Resort_Blog_008

Megan, you are stunning!!

Salamander_Resort_Blog_009 Salamander_Resort_Blog_010 Salamander_Resort_Blog_011 Salamander_Resort_Blog_012 Salamander_Resort_Blog_013 Salamander_Resort_Blog_014 Salamander_Resort_Blog_015 Salamander_Resort_Blog_016 Salamander_Resort_Blog_017 Salamander_Resort_Blog_018 Salamander_Resort_Blog_019 Salamander_Resort_Blog_020

This ceremony setting was unreal.

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Megan + Ben — Congratulations! It was truly an honor to capture your amazing wedding day. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!! XO

Venue | The Salamander Resort & Spa

Florist | Bluebells

Caterer + Baker | The Salamander Resort & Spa

Dress | Ellie’s Bridal Boutique

Band | Fresh Air

Hair + Makeup | Hair and Makeup Unveiled

Videographer | Bella Vista Weddings

Second Photographer | Susan Seidel



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  1. KarenG says:

    Wow! This is one of the prettiest venues I’ve seen and it looks like it was the perfect day. These pictures are beautiful, and I know they will be treasured by Megan and Ben.

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