the unsung holidays.

My friend Chrissy has a strong affection for holidays with low expectations. Every year, she celebrates Jack’s 1/2 birthday by making him half a cake, and since he was born a day before Maggie, we get to celebrate too! I love that Chrissy does this because it’s something that would never have occured to me otherwise. But it’s such a sweet tradition! (You can see last year’s post here. I can’t believe how big Jack and Maggie are getting!) Yesterday, Jack and Chrissy came by to drop off Maggie’s half of their cake, and I grabbed a few quick photos of the kids playing with bubbles.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Maggie girl! You are such a precious daughter, helpful big-sister and sweet friend. I love having an excuse to celebrate you!
I love this next photo. Jack looks like he’s thanking all his fans for coming out to watch the bubble show. Also, can you see Caleb in the background?!
my girl.
And I meant to post these last two photos yesterday. In the spirit of the “quieter” holidays, Happy (belated) Earth Day!
Check back soon! I have so many fun sessions to post!


7 responses to “the unsung holidays.”

  1. Lauren Gay Photography says:

    Can you guys just do an arranged marriage!? SO cute!

  2. Chappell Photo says:

    love love love. that's all i can say about this post.

  3. Lauren says:

    Best friends forever!! I can't believe how big they both are getting :)

  4. karen says:

    Love, love, love these pics… they are both getting so grown up. I love a good 1/2 birthday celebration!

  5. courtney says:

    these two are too much!!! adorable. love maggie's plant a tree shirt!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love them all, what a handsome guy, Jack…and my girl Maggie. Missed not looking at your blog for 7 days…GaGa

  7. Sara Gahan says:

    I just can't get over how beautiful your Maggie is, Kris–gosh, I have so much love for all 4 of you!!!

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