things i love.

Recently, my friend Erin told me that she’s trying to write down something that she’s thankful for each day. To me, this sounds like such a wonderful idea. I imagine that the first days would be really easy because I would quickly write down all the big stuff… but I suspect that the really great stuff would come later. In the little things. The small moments that would have passed me by had I not taken the time to be thankful for them. After Erin told me that she did this, I wanted to start doing it for myself. And so, today, I’m going to begin (sort of). Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’m actually going to write out ten (simple) things that I love. I think the list would be pretty close to the things that I’m thankful for, so I’m going with it!

I love…
1. the way that Maggie used the word “familiar” incorrectly in at least five sentences today.
2. Caleb’s bed-head.
3. the way Maggie keeps saying, “and you know what?” when she wants to keep talking.
4. the way that Caleb loves to walk toward Maggie, fall on her, and give her a hug while they both laugh hysterically.
5. the way that Caleb loves to look at books and find the words that he’s familiar with.
6. the weather we had earlier today. Seriously? Amazing.
7. the way that both Maggie and Caleb started yelling when they heard the doorknob turn this afternoon because they knew it meant that Tim was home.
8. Chinese food. Instead of cooking.
9. the way that everyone gets soaked at bathtime.
10. Maggie saying, “Mom? I love you” numerous times throughout the day… especially when I really need to hear it.



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