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Last week I traveled down to Richmond to photograph two of my favorite babies! This was my second session with Will and Hudson (check out the first session here), and I had so much fun with them. When we started out, Will was really happy and Hudson wanted nothing to do with me. About half-way through the shoot, their temperaments switched! I guess that’s what life is like with twins. :) It was so fun for me to visit with Shannon and Hatch, and I can’t wait to see these sweet boys continue to grow. Here are just a few from our session…
I just had to include this one because it makes me laugh! Love it.
One more in the basket…
Shannon & Hatch: Thank you so much for inviting me down! I can’t wait to see you guys again soon!!


7 responses to “two are better than one! | virginia baby photographer”

  1. Ali says:

    kristen.. these are SO cute!!!

  2. the reppard crew says:

    Kristen, we LOVE them! Thank you so, very much!! We will treasure these!! :)

  3. Lauren says:

    Such a cute adorable family!! Love the pics :)

  4. H says:

    kristen, the pictures are great. thanksk for giving us insight into the photography world. you are amazing at what you do. enjoy!

  5. Chappell Photo says:

    These are amazing! I just want to kiss those little chubby cheeks…not Hatch's, Will and Hudson's. I love the photos in the little basket, their eyes look so blue! Great job Kristen.

  6. Sara Gahan says:

    Beautiful pictures, Kris–and beautiful boys, Shannon and Hatch! I am so happy for all of you! Lots of love!

  7. Susan Solo says:

    Such a sweet pair! You do such an amazing job with babies, Kristen. What a wonderful set of images for this family to treasure!

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