Capitol Engagement | Lucy + Matt


I absolutely LOVED meeting Lucy and Matt for their engagement session at the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress earlier this month. These two are getting married next summer, and it was so nice to hear about their wedding plans and imagine a season when we can (fingers crossed!) celebrate a little more freely. Also, these two could not be sweeter or more fun! I had so much fun talking and laughing with both of them, and I can tell that their wedding day is going to be amazing. It was hard to narrow down this session for the blog (the light was incredible all evening!) but here are just a few of my favorites…

Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_002 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_003 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_005 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_006 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_007 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_008 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_009 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_010 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_011 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_012 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_013 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_014 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_015 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_016 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_017 Capitol_Libray_of_Congress_Engagement_018

Lucy and Matt– Thanks for the fun session! Can’t wait to see you again soon!!


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