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Kimberly and Mike were married earlier this month at Great Marsh Estate, and I have been so excited to share their beautiful wedding day! I’ve actually known Mike for a long time (he’s one of my brother’s best friends!) and it has been so wonderful getting to know Kimberly over the past few years. Mike and Kimberly make such a wonderful couple– they’re both incredibly kind and easy going. And you can feel their love in every photo because after they saw one another they never stopped smiling! It was an amazing and joy filled celebration, and they were surrounded by an incredible group of family and friends. I loved being there to capture everything!

We did get some rain after the ceremony, but it was such a beautiful day overall! I loved the setting of Great Marsh so much. The view was just beautiful in every direction.
Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0002 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0003 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0004 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0005 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0006 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0007 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0008 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0009 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0010 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0011 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0012

Kimberly was such a beautiful bride! Isn’t her dress amazing?!

Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0013 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0014

Loved all of her sweet bridesmaids!

Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0015 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0016 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0017 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0018 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0019

So lovely! Kimberly made things way too easy for me, and the backdrop was unreal!

Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0020 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0021 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0022

Mike was looking pretty handsome too!

Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0023 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0024 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0025 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0026 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0027 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0028 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0029 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0030 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0031 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0032

It actually started to sprinkle right as the ceremony started, and when Kimberly walked down the aisle with her dad, she turned to him with a big smile and said, “It’s raining!” Thankfully, it kept to a light sprinkle and they were able to move forward with their gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0033 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0034 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0035 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0036 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0037 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0038 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0039



Right after the ceremony, the sky really opened up! Luckily, Great Marsh has this lovely porch that was perfect for our photos.



Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0046 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0001 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0043 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0044 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0047 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0048 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0049 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0050 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0052 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0053 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0054 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0055 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0056 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0057

When the rain stopped, we stepped outside for just a few more minutes…

Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0059 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0061 2019-05-16_0092 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0063 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0065 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0064 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0067 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0066 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0068 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0069 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0070 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0071 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0072 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0073 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0074 Kimberly_Mike_Blog_0075

Kimberly and Mike– Congratulations! I loved capturing your wedding day. You both are just amazing, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Venue | Great Marsh Estate

Coordination | MayJune Events

Flowers | Growing Wild

Bridesmaids’ Hair | Ashley Warmus

Dress | Martina Liana

Catering | Purple Onion

DJ | Dream Day DJs

Second Photographer | Susan Seidel




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